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tv   Fox News Night  FOX News  January 17, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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by the way, what? oh, t-bone is watching and says hi. hasn't talked to you for a while. mrs. e. that's it for us tonight. miss shannon, take it away. >> shannon: we are going to work on our nicknames. here's what we have coming up. heated words and pointed accusation today on capitol hil capitol hill. now we wait to see about daca and a possible government shutdown. ed henry finding out what's next. chris stirewalt weighing the odds of a shutdown. peter doocy investigating what could be a stunning plan. a stick of the department of justice is reviewing what avenues might be available. >> shannon: the trial of an illegal alien facing charges in the death of two california deputies kicks off with chaos. we will debate with this child
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means for sanctuary states. >> i wonder if i would be here today talking to you if the government better and forced immigration law. >> shannon: president trump declared today a national religious freedom day. how is the president doing on that front? hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am bream in washington. behind closed doors tonight, house republicans leaders reportedly pitching a new strategy for getting democrats on board with a funding deal. before that midnight friday deadline with the money runs out and the shutdown gets real. the hill website reporting the offer includes funding for the children's health insurance program and the delay of some of obama cares medical device and cadillac plans. it's what it doesn't include, a resolution for some 800,000
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people in this country illegally. we've got team coverage. peter doocy looking into an administration report linking terrorism with our broken immigration system for holes. chad pergram on capitol hill with all the behind the scenes scoop from the steve bannon hearing. we began with chief national correspondent ed henry on efforts to get the government open while putting the president's comments behind him. >> today senate hearing was supposed to be contentious because it was going to be all about president trump's plan to build a wall on the southern border. it got contentious but for another reason. about what he said or didn't say behind closed doors about haiti and various african countries last week. secretary kiersten nielsen held firm in saying she did not hear the president after the word s-hole. nielsen clearly trying to pivot and change the narrative, send a
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signal to the base for the focus should not be on his words but deeds. the fact that he is taking action to crackdown on illegal immigration. secretary announcing today the administration is talking to federal prosecutors about criminal charges against local officials in sanctuary cities that refuse to follow through on federal orders to support criminals. also today the department of justice revealed it's going to try and go directly to the board -- supreme court to fast-track a ruling that new daca applications can start as the head of the justice department jeff sessions told fox tonight enough is enough. >> what good does it do to bring in somebody who is illiterate in their own country, has no skills and is going to struggle in our country and not be successful. that is not a good nation -- what a good nation should do. >> republican lindsey graham charged that's a dramatic turn from a week ago.
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the president gathered leaders in the cabinet room and said he wanted a deal where he would take care of the daca kids "with love." while tightening border security. graham says he and determine called to the president to bring a man on a deal but by the time they made it to the oval office, someone on the white house staff like stephen miller had convinced the president to turn against the deal. here is graham lashing out toda today. >> something happened between 10:00 and 12:00. i like sick during nielsen. she's a nice person. we will get to the bottom of this. how does it end? how does that end question worked it end with the government shutting down? we can't do this. with people in charge of the white house who have an irrational view of how to fix immigration. >> they did not take kindly to that at the white house. a senior administration fired back "graham and durbin begged
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for an oval office meeting to present their own deal that went on a framework that house majority leader kevin mccarthy was already working on with conservatives." this official declaring that graham tried to sabotage the framework. nobody knew what was in the damn graham plan. the question is will the government shutdown with some democrats insisting they will not support a budget deal to get the government open without a clean daca bill. i spoke to the senior administration official and he told me "we can call up off all day long." meaning that the white house believes they are going to dig in and demand that they get a broader deal where they are codifying daca but there is funding for the wall and an end to chain migration and end to the visa lottery program. that's a lot to get done by the end of the week. they are hopeful they can do it. >> shannon: burning the midnight oil. ed henry, thank you very much.
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the president this evening linking immigration reform to a new report on terrorism. he says it shows nearly three and four individuals convicted of terrorism charges since 2001 are foreign-born. submitted to congress a list of reforms we need to keep america safe, including moving away from a random chain migration lottery system to one that is merit-based. dhs secretary nielsen says those numbers are just the beginning. >> this does not include those convicted of domestic terrorism are those convicted on separate charges of those convicted in state court. and it is not of course include those that law enforcement have yet to encounter. this report is likely the tip of the iceberg. see you on peter doocy is looking into the report. he joins us live. >> there's a reason the white house is not budging on immigration. they want to end chain migration. they want to end the visa lottery program because the
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department of homeland security just turned out some new numbers that blame those policies for terrorist attacks and plots. the new dhs reports finds that between 9/11 and the end of 2016 out of the 549 people convicted of international terrorism in the u.s., 402 of them were either not u.s. citizens or they were foreign born and naturalized. that is 73%. there is no breakdown available how many came here using chain migration or a visa won in a lottery system. the attorney general jeff sessions breaks it down like this. he says "our law enforcement professionals do amazing work but it is simply not reasonable to keep asking them to risk their lives to enforce the law while we admit thousands every year without sufficient knowledge of their background. however some democratic lawmakers think the administration's attempt to end chain migration is off-base. >> someone can bring in an entire family tree which
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includes just about anybody you can think of. that's not how migration works. >> tonight there is no reason to think the feds could start making turtle cracking down on sanctuary cities where state and lawmakers are ignoring federal respect for cooperation. dhs chief kiersten nielsen revealed there is talk at justice of arresting mayors and others who will not play ball. >> my question is whether dhs is currently working with the justice department to bring any criminal charges against states or local officials. >> i believe the request was made, the department of justice is reviewing what avenues might be available. >> while much of the public posturing about immigration deal has been about daca and people brought here illegally as little kids, the administration is highlighting instead what they see as the public safety risk of crimes committed by illegal
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immigrants. >> shannon: all right, peter doocy. thank you very much. a new report alleges congressional investigations into the infamous dirty dossier are going beyond the justice department and fbi are now looking into a possible connection to former president obama's state department. the "washington examiner" reporting that house intelligence committee members may be looking into what individuals state department officials may have done to help ex-british agent christopher steele compiled a dossier on president trump. reporters were not allowed in but we are told steve bannon invoked executive privilege tonight and his house intelligence committee testimony, making it tougher to find out what he meant or actually said when he allegedly called that donald trump jr. meeting at trump tower with the russian lawyer treasonous. the white house backing its former chief strategist in this way. >> as with all congressional inquiries, touching upon the white house, congress must consult with white house prior to obtaining confidential material. this is part of a judicially recognized process that goes
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back decades. we have been cooperating fully with these ongoing investigations and encourage the committees to work with us to find an appropriate accommodation in order to ensure congress obtains information necessary to its legitimate interest. >> shannon: fox news senior capital help producer chad pergram has the breaking scoop. he joins us the details. what can you tell us? >> house intelligence committee was closed today. once those doors closed, i was sold long ago by a member of the committee that those on the outside always want to know is going on inside. truth be told, we kind of found out. it was pretty chaotic. steve bannon was brought to talk about the russian investigation and things were going along swimmingly for the first hour and a half and then in the words of several sources, things got squirrel -- an ally. i talked to the republican from texas. >> we started today on a
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voluntary basis, transitioned to a subpoena midday we have recessed. the subpoena remains in effect we will work to get the answers we want. >> what prompted the change partway? >> we weren't getting the answers we want to. we mr. bannon. >> think about how strange this is to have a witness there and suddenly they say wait a minute. i can't answer things about the transition. i've been told by the white house counsel that i can't answer about things that happened when i was on the staff. and then he clammed up. one source said this was a "b.s. privilege." there is no such thing as a transition privilege. this is where democrats and republicans got together. listen to number trey gowdy, the republican from south carolina, had to say about this. >> this is the most tortured analysis of executive privilege i've ever heard. >> you can have executive privilege if you are talking to the president. anything out of that scope, it starts to get strange. what they have done and you heard what mike conway said, the
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subpoena still applies and they are going to have him back before the intelligence committee, steve bannon, on thursday. tomorrow rick dearborn, former deputy white house chief of staff and campaign official, transition official, he's going to bear also corey lewandowski. on friday we are going to have hope hicks, white house mitigation structure. >> shannon: how much does this have to do, as you have a witness sitting there to do with congress trying to reassert control over these investigations and forcing witness to comply with them when they've got questions of their own. >> that has a lot to do with it because congress takes its first article one response abilities in the constitution very seriously. that's what was so dramatic today. you have a very controversial, almost polarizing witness like steve bannon, coming up. you have democrats are certainly burned on his side. you may have had republicans who may have sided with him at one point and don't forget that a lot of people thought he single-handedly help them lose the alabama senate race.
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roy moore versus doug jones doug jones. mitch mcconnell. much said as much a couple weeks ago. steve bannon does not have a lot of allies on capitol hill, so this is what was unique. you have democrats and republicans on the committee that's often been at each other's throats. suddenly getting together and saying we need to have this witness and we need to hear from him. >> shannon: steve bannon is bringing people together, chad. that's the bottom line. thank you for your tireless wor work. as we take closer to the possibility of a shutdown, many on both sides seem to be conceding it's going to be impossible to get a conference of long-term funding deal that includes addressing the daca situation by friday. to the president's language give democrats the tools they needed to force his hand? here is senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> if you want to begin the long road back to prove you are not prejudiced or bigoted, support the bipartisan compromise, one that was aimed it meeting the
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concerns you voice. give the dreamer safety here in america and bolster border security at the same time. this may be the last train leaving the station. president trump needs to get on board. >> shannon: what if he says no thanks, doesn't get on the train we end up with a shutdown? chris stirewalt's fox news politics editor. we are ready to talk to her daily odds and whether you think we are heading to a shutdown. >> it depends on whether or not pauline was whistling past the graveyard tonight. house speaker says they have the votes or he believes they can get the votes to have a republican only one month extension of current spending levels and a six-year deal which is something that will mollify a lot of republicans were anxious. on a program that provides health insurance many millions of poor kids.
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this is the deal ryan thinks he can have. if he can get to 219 votes and push it through, it's going to be hard for democrats in the senate to say no, shutdown the government now. we don't want a month to negotiate. the house position, ryan hopes, and he hopes the freedom caucus doesn't take away the votes he needs to get it through. that his hope, that he can leverage on democrats and say we need another month to work on daca. give us the time typist doing reporting that mark meadows of the freedom caucus suggesting they have the votes to block it. i want to play little bit of what senator tom cotton has to say about this potential shutdown. >> if the democrats want to shutdown the government over this, they can. they have the ability to filibuster. i don't think that will work out very well for them so i suspect they will not. >> one of the reasons we have a
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shutdown, this friday or in a month or whenever we get there, one of the reasons it's increasingly likely is that both parties are arrogant, both parties feel like we will do better in the shutdown then you will. we are going to -- there are snakes in the house we're going to light it on fire. we will come out of this okay. somebody is wrong in this scenario. one of these two parties is wrong. i think part of what they are missing is that we've never been here before. we have never -- we started modern budgeting in 1974. we've never had a shutdown when one party controlled both congress and the white house. the calculus is different. the republicans are going to get a lot of blame but the republicans and the white house can act differently towards the shutdown. they can mitigate factors, prioritize things. they can push off the harmful side effects. everybody needs to think anew and act anew.
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>> shannon: we hear from one of the senior democrats on the senate side, patrick leahy, now he sounds like his trying to play the president's game with him about publicly calling him out and making suggestions about how this going to make him look. here's what he said. >> republicans control the house. they control the senate. and they control the presidency. the government stays open if they wanted to stay open. it shuts down if they want to shutdown. it would be humiliating for the united states. it would be emulating for the president. i would be amazed he would want to humiliate himself that way. >> shannon: talking about the president being publicly humiliated. that's the kind of thing i think it would get under his skin. >> it would. and it would be emulating for republicans in the sense that they do have control of both houses. they rely on nine democrats. they don't have budget reconciliation anymore. the user for the tax cut. this would be bad for them if they couldn't find a way to get nine democrats on board. how much heat comes down on democrats if they are seen in
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the ted cruz role from 2013 saying the issue is not related to keeping the government open. unless you give us what we want on this unrelated social issue, we will not allow normal function. everyone has a lot of fat in the fire. it could be, as the president would say, american carnage out there. >> shannon: it's all about messaging. we will see who is better at controlling it. we know oftentimes it's democrats when it comes to these shutdowns. chris stirewalt, great to see. new reaction tonight of president trump getting a clean bill of health from the same doctor who examined past presidents. doesn't seem good enough to kill a key talking point for some. you go to vancouver for a report on trumped diplomacy. allies from the korean war looking for new solutions to the
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age-old problem. illegal immigrants on trial tonight. what's one of them sat inside the courtroom today will shock you. full report i had
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>> shannon: as the daca deal versus government shutdown debate rages, the real-life toll illegal immigration can take with front and center in the sacramento courtroom today. in a trial it's getting off to a chaotic start, trace gallagher joins us. >> much like the man who shot and killed kate steinle, this man was part of the revolving door of illegal immigration, arrested for drugs multiple times, deported multiple times and yet in october of 2014, he and his wife were sitting in a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a sacramento motel 6 when deputies came to check out the car. he allegedly opened fire, killing a deputy and wounding his partner. the couple fled the scene and carjacked numerous vehicles until they were pursued by more deputies. gunfire was exchange and deputy michael davis jr. was shot and killed.
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the suspect and his wife were apprehended. >> we will get that later. luis and his wife are on trial for murder. throughout the proceedings, he's had outbursts admitting he was guilty, asking to be executed and trying to fire his public defenders. lawyers asking the judge to rule that he is mentally unfit for trial. bracamontes and his wife are on trial together. we should note that a longtime advocate for illegal immigrants in seattle has been detained and is herself facing deportation.
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she is done in the u.s. for 25 years, thinks she's being targeted because of her activism. that information return environment -- was turned to i.c.e. the governor saying state workers would not act as immigration workers. >> shannon: trace gallagher live in l.a. thank you. the trump administration is turning to the supreme court after a federal judge ruled last week to block his decision to end daca saying the current president doesn't have the authority to undo what his predecessor did under executive action. president trump's physician declaring the commander-in-chief to be in excellent health but many in the media couldn't seem to accept it.
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repeatedly peppering the doctor with questions about the presidents mental stability and overall health, even asking about his life expectancy. >> reporter: can you expand to me how a guy who eats mcdonald's and fried chicken, diet coke and never exercises is in as good a shape as you say he's in. >> it's called genetics. some will have great genes. i told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years might live to be 200 years old. >> shannon: larry o'connor is a radio host and opinion editor at the "the washington times" d richard fowler. welcome. when they heard 200, the press corps was like oh. >> let's all go on the trump diet. can we agree on that? >> shannon: he says genetics. >> i have to the president credit.
12:27 am
to do a question make sure you answer every question until there is no question left. that's what his lawyer did today and i was a smart political mov move. >> shannon: you mean the doctor. >> yes. >> shannon: this doctor is very telegenic. he is thin. he's got his uniform on. >> when your doctor is an admiral, he's got some authority. >> shannon: another question they couldn't stop asking about was the cognitive test. he asked for. he got a perfect score. they still had questions about his mental fitness. >> reporter: the president is very sharp, very intact. do you believe he is fit for duty? become absolutely. for the remainder of this term and another term of he is elected. >> shannon: information the press corps may not want to hear but he says yes, he is mentally fit. he was asked that over and over
12:28 am
again. >> asked about a stroke, alzheimer's. for as long as i've been alive, my memory of how the press treats conservative republicans is that they are stupid, they are evil or crazy or they are losing it. that's how they categorize the republicans in the white house. he stood up there and answered every question. the pathetic thing is there was 50 minutes worth of questions. why were there so many questions? >> shannon: i like that the word beclowing is coming back. >> think the d.c. journalists. they own it. there is a picture of them next to the word. >> the only difference is easy with other re-presidents, reagan and bush, father and son, they had a little bit more class on handling a press who is more
12:29 am
adversarial. what trump is doing is this idea of i'm going to take them on, wwe style. i'm not sure how history will record that. for president george w. bush, they will say his style and grace made him a better president. >> shannon: i want to make sure we get to the other topic. the president had the meeting with chuck and nancy, came out in the talk about a deal with immigration. 70 things. last weeks, some on the right thought he was -- >> and kevin mccarthy is the hard-liner on immigration, we can call at the lowest day in the trump presidency.
12:30 am
he was trying to over come the bad press of the michael wolff book. what he did was fulfill every description of him in the michael wolff book. >> shannon: i want to get reaction. larry, where the president is going on immigration. >> seems to me other than one issue, the president is still signaling he's wanting to do exactly what he said he was going to do. not hard right, not a hard left, it's enforcing the law as written and making sure the country secure. that's what i president is supposed to do. the one thing he has given on is he's agreed to some kind of deal to allow the daca provisions to go forward for those 700,000 dreamers that were unconstitutionally protected by president obama. he didn't say he was going to do that when he ran and i said okay i'll do it. time for the democrats to step up and say you've given something. we will get something. >> shannon: what do you think, richard? you have democrats and we are willing to shutdown the
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government. >> it's going to be a tough issue. he ran on a hard line on immigration. that line is softening. he said he's going to build a wall in mexico is going to pay for it. now we know the american voters going to pay for it and we are not sure if he's going to get that wall. this president has to realize he's going to have to move to the left if you want anything done on immigration or if he wants the rest of his agenda. >> he has moved to the left. >> he's got to move further to the left. in the lindsey graham, dick durbin deal, we saw over a billion dollars for the wall, border security. the president thought that wasn't enough. >> shannon: the white house did not take that -- >> any immigration deal with wih dick durbin and lindsey graham is not going to happen. >> any time he listens to ann coulter, he lists a big chunk of america. >> shannon: a big chunk of america voted for him because of
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with jackson hewitt you get 100% accuracy and our max refund guarantee. so, switch to jackson hewitt. open late and weekends. >> shannon: tensions over north korea's missile program reportedly prompted a secret meeting. fox news has confirmed national security advisor h.r. mcmaster was in san francisco this past weekend to meet with officials from south korea and japan. tonight, secretary of state rex tillerson is cohosting with canada talks with 20 countries on threats from north korea. rich edson is traveling with the secretary. he has the latest from vancouver. >> secretary of state rex tillerson says the united states and allies will push even stronger sanctions against north korea if he continues his provocations. the secretary just wrapped a 20-country summit here in vancouver are discussing to combat north korean smuggling.
12:37 am
>> we need to be sober and clear eyed about the situation. north korea has continued to make significant advances in its nuclear weapons, the lethality of the weapons. we have to recognize the threat is growing. >> the secretary refused to comment on whether the trump administration is considering a limited so-called blood he knows strike against north korea. he says for now north korea must be willing to negotiate. >> we will never accept them as a nuclear power. it's time to talk. they have to take the step that says they want to. >> the secretary refused to comment on whether president trump has spoken directly to kim jong un. the secretary says we are at a tenuous stage and want to get into -- when want to get into who is talking, we will announce it. african governments have condemned the president's reported comments, and the secretary says nothing is
12:38 am
changed in the relationship between the united states and african nations saying the u.s. remains generous to those countries and they work together on issues like counterterrorism. >> shannon: rich edson, thank you. if the trump administration tax hard to the right of integration and targets sanctuary cities, what will it mean politically from vulnerable republicans? stick around to hear from congressman dave brat. he is being targeted himself.
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.. >> shannon: homeland security secretary kiersten nielsen suggesting the administration is considering all options involving leaders with sanctuary cities when they refused to cooperate with deportation efforts. some on the left are comparing immigrations and customs enforcement to nazis. >> and the president says take them out, that's what the community is saying. this is fearful for us. this is the gestapo for us. troops on the ground are ready to swing into action. agents are getting on trains and going through trains and spotting people on saying what is your citizenship. >> shannon: here to discuss, dave brat. there are media outlets who did a fact-check about what she said
12:43 am
on the trains and they couldn't find evidence of it. >> that's why they are unfortunate. you need a rational immigration policy. we just had an election on the issue, the highlighted issue of the trump presidential election. even bernie, concerned with middle-class wages from trump through bernie and the american people gave us the house and senate and they are expecting some action. >> shannon: they are mad at you. >> they are mad. they should be mad. president trump has to lead on the goodlatte bill. you've got the entire conference in the house that's got a good bill with offered cochairmen with expertise on these issues. decades of public policy behind the bill. president trump has to come forward with a loud voice and support that bill and our leadership needs to support that bill because the senate will be where the fight is. they rolled us on everything this year. health care. they haven't done a budget this year.
12:44 am
they are probably not going to do a budget next year. we are expecting for them to roll the dick durbin bill with lindsey graham for example is not only daca, it is daca plus. folks should get ready. >> shannon: even if you get something passed on the house, you need nine senators, nine democrats to join republicans on the senate. you know that's never going to happen. >> you start negotiating from that strong position. then you negotiate. if you listen to the liberals, they thought president trump came in very strong. they were worried we were going to have a dramatic move. the goodlatte is a compromise bill. if the senate gets their way, we might end up voting. this city is more concerned about the dollar. keep your eye and the money. they let these bills go by but
12:45 am
if we fail on this issue, mark my words, this issue, if our party fails, the party is done. >> shannon: "washington examiner" outlines what you are facing the midterms, 31 income big g.o.p. lawmakers have decided not to run again. one-third of them hail from districts that are competitive for a takeover by the democrats. congressman said "a a bigly blue wave is coming. nancy pelosi says history is on our side. a lot of people predicting this is going to be bad for you. >> there is a wave coming. a wave hit virginia. that shows you we have to get our act together. we have tax. that's not enough. daca, republicans ran on it. either the base is going to come out excited or they are going to stay at home and we're going to lose by 50. that issue is key. there are other issues we can do
12:46 am
but the economic growth will be key. if that kicks in, things are going to be a lot better. the signs are positive. economy, small business, wall street, bonuses. economic growth projected to be 4% of the next quarter. a lot of good news. if that hits my folks' pocketbooks, usually elections, pocketbook is the number one issue. >> shannon: we have looked at the ads. a lot of people want your seat. keep us updated. a lot is going to happen. no fake news here. it's time for the real news roundup. new jersey governor phil murphys, estate agency for defensive protection of illegal immigrants. the democrat says he wants the organization to be a government agency that illegal immigrants can trust. 11-year-old girl in toronto is getting attention by claiming a
12:47 am
man attacked her and tried to cut off her he job -- her hijab. toronto police concluding the events didn't happen. teens are doing crazy things is not news but daring each other to eat laundry detergent unfortunately is real news. it's become known as the tide pod challenge. teens posting videos of themselves doing it. according to consumer reports, they are potentially toxic. they can bring the mouth, the digestive system, and stomach and can be fatal if the ingredients enter your bloodstream. trump declares national religious freedom day. critics say those liberties are coming at the expense of others' rights. wintry weather wreaking havoc on roadways across much of the south but some folks are still
12:48 am
finding a way to have fun
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>> shannon: today honors white americans consider their most fundamental and important freedom: religious liberty. the president said this: there
12:52 am
have been a number of legal disputes including one pending before the supreme court. kelly shackelford, good to have you with us. we say religious freedom, what does that mean? >> there are huge number of cases. bladensburg veterans memorial. it's in the shape of a cross. it's been struck down as unconstitutional. that will be on its way to the supreme court soon. if that were upheld, they would have to take down veterans memorial's all over the country. the court of appeals covers arlington national cemetery. they would have to go into arlington and tear down the large crosses. >> shannon: every headstone has some religious symbol on it. not just crosses. >> the large crosses would be on the list but coach joe kennedy, the coach was fired for going to a knee after a game by himself
12:53 am
and saying a prayer, president trump tweeted about that twice saying this shouldn't happen in our country. the baker case, there is a en banc on friday. you have two courts of appeals going the opposite way whether county commissioners can pray to open their meetings. 2018 is going to be a huge religious freedom here. >> shannon: you see these cases, others within the military. rights of servicemen and women. to the point about the baker case, a lot of people get stuck there because they say how can you come down on the side of being against lgbt rights. they were denied a custom wedding cake. the supreme court said it was humiliating for them and they are fighting to make sure no one else has to go through that. dominic holden always of buzzf,
12:54 am
the presidents freedom day proclamation gives a nod to the belief that religion supersedes civil rights laws. a lot of people say it's cover when you use relators freedom to turn people away, that it's bigotry. >> all those cases we've seen, including the case you mentioned, in none of those cases did the bakers not serve people who are lgbt. when they were asked to do a custom cake to celebrate a certain event, they had different beliefs. wedding and marriage is a sacred thing to most people. the way i look at this is people have different believes on same-sex marriage for the one thing i think we as americans to be able to agree upon his people have a right to have different beliefs on same-sex marriage. i think we are a big enough country where we can live and everybody can have their freedoms. i don't think there's anybody that's not good to be able to get a wedding cake if they want to get a cake and i think we can respect the people who have different beliefs on different issues and accommodate them as
12:55 am
well. we can all live in peace with one another. that's what the founders wanted us to do. >> shannon: because the president appealed to evangelicals and others, this is a top issue. we see today is highest rating with a religious group is the mormons. how would you great how he's doing? -- how would you grade him? >> on religious freedom he's been unbelievably strong and good from gorsuch on the supreme court, the lower court judges, how the justice department is weighing in with briefs on important cases. he has really been excellent. stephen keep us updated. great to have you. who says southerners can't handle the snow? looks like summer doing just liberty mutual saved us almost eight hundred dollars when we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? yeah, they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real
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vof hundreds of families, he'se hmost proud of the one the heads he's kept over his own. brand vo: get paid twice as fast with quickbooks smart invoicing. quickbooks. backing you. >> shannon: dangerous modules, ice, snow causing highway crashes, and closing airports from texas could tell mike to
1:00 am
kentucky. it's not stopping everyone from enjoying the snow day. be safe. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend the evening >> the current leadership plan is proposed, we will have all the discussions tomorrow morning. >> a country that is on the right track, working on immigration reform and we will solve that problem. of the democrats wanted to they could. >> no reason to think the president has any issues with his thought process. >> what does this say about immigration from african countries to the united states. >> let's move away from the countries and


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